September 30, 2015

Life Hacks // Planning with Purpose

We're in the homestretch of 2015, and truth be told, I have mixed feelings about it. It's been a challenging year for me to say the least (the most challenging, since we're being honest), but I'm nervous about what's to come. Either way, good or bad, I want to be prepared. I'm not into new year resolutions, but I am a fan of attainable goal-setting and working towards goals with an actionable plan in place. What better time to start planning for success in 2016 than now? So, while I attempt to get my own stuff together, I figured I'd share the steps I'm going to take to plan with purpose.

The first step to planning with purpose is... to plan! However, it's not always as simple as it sounds. For me, planning includes praying, scripture studying, and soul searching to ensure that whatever plans are made line up with God's plans. 

Planning also requires honesty. What's the true purpose of the plan? If the plan has no purpose, there is no place for it. Is the motive sincere? Negative or vindictive motives aren't grown and sexy, let's just put it that way. Is the timeline suitable? Setting a realistic timeline is key, or else failure is imminent. Will unquestionable commitment be applied? Commitment is the element that will keep a plan in motion.

Planning and preparation go hand-in-hand, but the steps are not the same. We can't know how to prepare for a goal without a plan first being in place. Preparation can include ending toxic relationships or restoring valuable ones, getting in shape physically or mentally, becoming spiritually aligned, or even acquiring the tangibles necessary to execute the plan that's been formulated. Whatever the case, a plan without preparation will be useless in the long-run.

Lastly, preparation should help to strengthen the ability to be disciplined, to be patient, and to persevere, as enduring the process and processing the outcomes along the way are important throughout the plan execution phase. Additionally, self-evaluation and reassessment of the plan are sub-steps of the process.

The process should start right after the preparation phase is complete. If not, procrastination can creep in, and that is a step we all want to avoid. Let's not procrastinate; plan with purpose.

September 23, 2015

Extended Summer

H&M Blouse (similar) | Made By Skirt | Steve Madden Shoes | Love, Cortnie Clutch

When you can't beat the sun, match it. Is that not a thing? It should be. Seasonal rules like no white or loud colors in the fall and winter are meant to be broken in places like South Florida. 

Get back to me when the temperature drops at least 20-30 degrees.

September 16, 2015


BooHoo Top | Forever 21 Skirt | Shoemint Shoes | Love, Cortnie Clutch

In honor of the last days of summer, I put together as many mid-year trends as I could to style this outfit: fringe, distressed denim, and white accessories. It's too bad festival season is over. This would have been the perfect festival ensemble with some sandals and a crossbody bag. Maybe next year.

September 10, 2015

Style Tips // Perfect Styles for Imperfect Bodies

So, I'm not about that gym life. I need to be, but for now, the gym is just not where it's at for this working mom. Until I can get my life together, I've had to learn how to dress this imperfect body of mine. Thankfully, I've found some styles that work wonders for me and can work for most body types as well.

High-waist, full midi skirts are my favorite for occasions that call for timeless, ageless modesty. I find full midis, whether pleated or flowing, to be fun, flirty, effortless and classic. The narrowest part being the waist, it gives a slimming illusion making it perfect for almost any body type. A midi may not be the best choice for someone under 5'3, but a petite fit with some killer heels can be the fix to short girl problems.

For a weekend night out, a loose-fitting dress hitting the knee always does it for me. While the dress works wonders by not clinging to problem areas, a fun jacket can help to give the look shape in all the right places.

Whatever the perceived body imperfection  a generous bust, excess in the midsection, or a large bottom area  a long or over-sized blazer can be the forgiving piece for any corporate look. Yes, ladies, we can wear our fitted dresses and pencil skirts and still feel confident that we've put together an appropriate, fashionable outfit for the office.

If you're like me and haven't quite reached your body goals, avoid the discomfort of extra support layers and invest in styles that make you look and feel confident all on their own.

September 8, 2015

White After Labor Day

H&M Dress (similar) | J. Lo Blazer (similar) | Zara Shoes | Zara Bag

In Florida, wearing white after Labor Day is... mandatory. Summer is basically just heating up with no sign of a cool down in sight. For the sake of making the look a bit more interesting, I threw on a blazer to take photos, but it came off right after the final "click" from the camera. Just being honest.

September 4, 2015

Always in Season

Merona Shirt via Target (similar) | JCPenney Skirt (similar) | ASOS Shoes | Love,Cortnie Clutch

My go-to black pencil skirt can be forgiving some days; other days, not so much. Paired with my favorite denim shirt and statement ASOS heels, it served me well on this particular day.

Button-ups and pencil skirts are timeless pieces that will stand the test of time, no matter the year, no matter the season. Stock up on a few of each to mix and match with fun accessories, and you'll find that you've built a limitless wardrobe on mere basics.

September 3, 2015

Currently Listening // Leon Bridges

I've shared before that I am obsessed with old school soul music. A few months ago, I stumbled upon the music of talented (young!) soul-gospel singer Leon Bridges. From his style to his sound, he is the millennial embodiment of '50s/'60s soul  and I love it.

Take a listen to one of my ten favorite songs from his debut album, Coming Home.

By the way, there are only ten songs on the album  all favorites.

September 1, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect

Forever 21 Top (similar) | Old Navy Vest (similar| Skirt via Marshalls (similar) | Steve Madden Shoes

In his one year old's class this week, my son is focusing on the letter A, the number 2, the heart shape and the color orange, and we're encouraged to work with him on these lessons at home as well. Since he helped me with today's post (literally  he climbed into my lap and proceeded to have a field day at photo editing) featuring this bright wall, I'd say we've got "orange" down.