October 30, 2014

All About the Details

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Just a few of my favorite detail shots from the past few months.

Oh, and I found my camera remote. Back in business.

October 29, 2014


H&M Dress | H&M Blazer | Zara Heels | Love,Cortnie Clutch

A few closet essentials – my black blazer, go-to maxi dress and minimal heels  make for an easy fall outfit. Too bad taking photos of it wasn't easy. I lost my camera remote and didn't notice until I was setting up, hence the only two partially decent photos are the not-so-decent shots above. Let's hope the essential in the form of my camera remote shows up soon.

October 27, 2014

Life Lately: Adam

Life lately has been preoccupied with work, home and this little guy. Adam turned 10 months on the 16th, and I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was telling you all that I was pregnant. Now, he is taking his first steps and already has five words in his vocabulary. He's friendly too. At not even a year old, he's incredibly gifted with people with an amazing ability to make each and every person feel special. He's made life quite spectacular. I'm so blessed to be his mommy.

October 17, 2014


H&M Dress | Zara Heels | Rebecca Minkoff Bag via Marshalls

I've been very reflective lately. Who am I kidding, I'm always reflective. Whether I'm playing back the day, week, or year in my head, or flashback to my childhood days, I often have moments of nostalgia to embrace some of my best memories and to make sure that I'm fully appreciating the "now" and all that it took to get to this present space. Healthy reflection, if you will. I've had some moments this week – my son turning 10 months and an opportunity I had to speak in front of some of the most influential women in the community – to be truly grateful for the great year my family has had so far. Not without its challenges, but I consider those as little reminders that the best is yet to come.

October 13, 2014


H&M Shirt | JCPenney Skirt (similar Ann Taylor Skirt) | Zara Heels (similar black heels) | Love,Cortnie Clutch

Since my recent move, I've had a very difficult time finding nearby locations to take photos for the blog. I would go to some super-cool-movie-worthy-typical-Miami spot to set up my camera and strike a pose (or six), but that's not practical since I live 30 minutes north of the "real Miami" and most likely would have to drag my nine-soon-to-be-ten month old with me. Plus, these days I've been snapping shots of my true to life outfits of the day, and my photos are taken before or after the place or event I've worn the outfit to. All of that said, I'm back to my original point: I'm lacking a variety of good outfit photo shoot locations.

For this particular shoot, I tried other spots before I settled on this one. And when I say "settled," I mean settled. I'm not a huge fan of green, leafy backgrounds, but I had no choice seeing as how my other options were too light and my shirt would have blended in. So, to the parking lot jungle it was. I must say though, I quite like the juxtaposition of my classic black and white businesswoman look against the nature in the background. I just might consider this spot again in the future.

1 Corinthians 4:5

October 10, 2014

What I Would Wear // Out with the Girls

WIWW: Out with the Girls

I've put together some quick day and night looks for quality time with the girls (which, by the way, I desperately need). Notice, not wearing spring pastels and light neutrals in the fall is the rule to break this season. What other rules are you planning to break?

Day Look
1. Equipment Signature Blouse
2. Lucien Piccard St. Tropez Grey Watch
3. Madeleine Skirt (similar Ann Taylor Skirt)
4. Wolf & Badger Dear Frances Heels
5. Oliver Peoples Sunglasses
6. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac
7. Miu Miu Metal Cap Toe Sneakers

Night Look
8. River Island Cream Wrap Blouse
9. Leather Look Pencil Skirt
10. Alice + Olivia Stacey Pumps
11. Nastygal Geo Watch
12. ASOS Suede Fringe Clutch (similar Michael Kors bag)
13. Caged Back Zip Heels (similar from Heels from Modcloth)

October 7, 2014

On a Positive Note

H&M Blouse | River Island Skirt via ASOS | Zara Heels (similar Steve Madden Heels) | Bag from local boutique (similar French Connection Bag)

I've been so tired lately. As usual, there is so much to do with what seems like so little time to get it all done. Added to the madness has been the overabundance of good television as my favorite shows have begun their new seasons. So now, there's real life and fictional TV that I need to make time for. 
Oh, how will I ever get through it all.

Further to the point of having so much to do and so little time, the weeks have been breezing by and running into each other with the weekends feeling like a rushed hug. On Sunday, someone asked me how my week went. I told them, I'm sure it was fine or else I would have remembered. It's funny how our minds work with the tendency to remember even the minor negatives over the positives. Personally, I've been working on positive thinking more than focusing on negatives, so who knows – maybe a disaster occurred last week and I don't remember. I do remember wearing this outfit; that was positive.