February 26, 2015

When in Doubt

Pleione Top via Marshalls | MadeBy Skirt | Vince Camuto Shoes via Macy's | Forever 21 Clutch

After putting this outfit together, I had no idea which shoes to style it with to complete the look. I knew navy shoes would bring it down too much, plus I wasn't up for being matchy-matchy. So, I went for my "when in doubt" pair that never fails: my nude-greyish Vince Camuto heels. They go with everything.

When in doubt, choose what you know for sure will work and fits who you are and how you're feeling.
Style should never be complicated.

Mark 9:17-29
1 Thessalonians 5:22-24

February 23, 2015

Let's Discuss // Black America - No Tolerance for Egos

(Image Source: Twitter)

American culture boasts in having been built upon the foundation of competition. However, more often than not in the game of life, noble sportsmanship is forsaken as egos and greed tend to consume the players.

This month, reflecting on the important part of American history that is black history, I felt comforted in the realization that each step in the Black American journey was made as a result of unity, selfless respect and the encouragement one to another as a people. In the midst of awards season, that feeling was reaffirmed when I watched the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards. (It is unfortunate, but not surprising, that I did not have that feeling while watching the Oscar's.) The actresses expressed so much love and pride for achievements that were not their own but were their own at the same time. The lack of ego-tolerance was overwhelmingly refreshing as it was replaced by genuine sisterhood.

The comradery holds true for agents of change, past and present. It's fulfilling to finally see the struggles of reality convincingly being reflected in movies like Selma and so many television shows with dynamic black leads. Notable is the transparency and transformation of the actors who are portraying the roles, connecting them to real issues on and off screen, bringing everything full circle while moving in a forward motion. I believe it was all a part of the dream.

How have you reflected on black history through the lens of today?

A few quotes I was inspired by from the Black Women in Hollywood Awards over the years:

"Your mere existing is a reminder to keep fighting."
Iman N. Milner, 2015

"I used to revel in gossip and rumors, and I lived for the negativity inflicted upon my sister actresses or anyone who I felt whose shine diminished my own. Real fierce and fearless women celebrate and compliment other women and we recognize and embrace the notion that their shine in no way diminishes our light, and that it actually makes our light shine brighter."
Gabrielle Union, 2013

"I did dream big. I dreamed the biggest dream I could find. And I feel so blessed to have planted any seed of inspiration in any of you."
Viola Davis, 2011

"On the set of Lee Daniel's The Butler... [Oprah] said to me, 'You know, art is prayer. It's God expressing Himself through you.' Oprah, little did you know, that was an aha moment for me. I had been seeking a deeper spiritual practice my whole life and didn't realize I was already doing it."
Ruth E. Carter, 2015

"I hope that... you will feel the validation of your external beauty, but also get to the deeper business of being beautiful inside. There is no shade in that beauty."
Lupita Nyong'o, 2014

"Our fears can sometimes be our greatest liberators if we stand up and face them."
Gugu Mbatha-Raw, 2015

"We all experience fear, but courage is moving fiercely through that fear, so I'll take fierce and fearless. I will continue to see the me in you, and I hope that you see the you in me."
Regina King, 2015

February 9, 2015

Shine Bright

Forever 21 Top | Topshop Skirt | Zara Heels | Love,Cortnie Clutch

It's no secret that an all black outfit is my favorite. But, when I feel like brightening things up without going as bold as color, whites and lighter neutrals are a close second. And, of course, leopard (or whichever animal this print is patterning) is a neutral in my book.

However works best for you, shine bright this week, lovelies!