November 21, 2012


Top: Zara | Vest: Old Navy | Skirt: East 5th, JC Penney | Shoes: Qupid (Gift)

I feel accomplished when I throw a cute outfit together easily in minutes. How do I do it? I pull out a few pieces in heavy rotation, and before I know it, I'm ready to go.

When it comes to shopping, I try to look for items that I can work and rework to get the most combinations and wear out of them as possible. If something catches my eye, before I get too excited about it, I think, "Hmmm... What are five other items I already have that I could wear with this?" An added bonus to building a working closet by using this approach is that it becomes easier to travel light if everything you own can be paired with at least five other things.

Here I'm wearing my casual "conquer the day" uniform: a simple tee or top, a denim skirt, and a large shoulder bag. I added the vest and wedges to spruce it up a bit since I was spending the day in Orlando with the husband :)

Pluto and me at breakfast :)

Do you have any smart shopping tips before Black Friday rolls around? Feel free to comment
and share.

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I love the vest, that would be a staple in my wardrobe if I had one :)

  2. You are too cute! Love this post babe... I mean, I love them all but yea.. :)


  3. Love this outfit! I've been looking for a vest like that one forever!

  4. I shop on Black Friday every year. I think I've become successful at it :-). My tips are:
    1) Make a list
    2) Go online and do your research to see who will have the best prices for those items
    3) Stick to the list! I only move away from it if I see an unexpected sale I cannot afford to pass up
    4) Wear comfy shoes/ relax. At the end of the day it should be an enjoyable experience- 'Tis the Season!! :-)