June 12, 2014

20 Random Facts About Me

About 11 weeks ago (I know this because I checked Instagram), Chandra tagged me to do this. I forgot, then remembered, then forgot again. This pattern repeated about five or six times. So, this week after a few days of feeling too uninspired to blog, I remembered again and decided I would use it as an opportunity for you  my lovely readers  to learn a little more about me. I learned a lot about myself as well. Here goes:

1. My favorite drink is water.
2. I like to iron, but it takes me weeks to gear up to actually do it.
3. I feel awkward when people help me with stuff.
4. I'm convinced that I kiss my son hundreds of times a day.
5. Sometimes I belly dance in the bathroom mirror. I mean, who doesn't?
6. I got straight A's all throughout middle and high school, except for that one "B+" in Spanish 3 Honors when I was in the 10th grade.
7. I'm in a borderline abusive relationship with food, but I love it too much to break up.
8. I really enjoy reading, but rarely make the time for it. Any book suggestions?
9. I don't think I'm photogenic, and, as such, I'm the worst at selfies.
10. I like to shop alone... Actually, I like to do most things alone.
11. I have three brothers. No sisters.
12. Lately, I prefer lifestyle blogs over fashion blogs. I would have a lifestyle blog if I was confident that I wouldn't bore you to tears.
13. My favorite sitcom of all time is The Cosby Show.
14. I collect random facts in my mind, so when I came across @UberFacts on Twitter, I was like, "Hey, somebody gets me."
15. I prefer online shopping over shopping in-store, but I hate the waiting part. So, I usually check the store before I actually purchase online.
16. No matter how much I love a particular perfume scent, when it runs out I almost never replace it with the same one.
17. I'm not afraid of needles/injections. (I figure that is rare and random enough to share.)
18. I'm a horrible singer... but I can imitate singers pretty well.
19. I call bloggers whose material I read often my "blogger friends."
20. I surprised myself by thinking of 20 random facts about me.

I'd love to get to know you better as well. Tell me something random about yourself in a comment below or shoot me an email.


  1. Interesting and funny. I enjoyed this post.
    I love @UberFacts as well!!! So now two somebodies get you :)
    Hmmmmm something random about me. I don't belly dance in the mirror but my disco and praise dance moves during my alone time have significantly improved!

  2. Fun post! I should probably do one of these someday. Unlike you, I hate ironing - it's such a laborious process and I don't even remember the last time I ironed something. LOL. Your favorite drink is water...okay, so that explains your flawless skin! :)


    1. Haha! Yes, you should do something like this. As one of your readers, I can speak for all of us and say we'd like to learn more about you. Your recent updates to your About Me page helped :)

      And thanks for the compliment!

  3. Fun post! About your new found love for lifestyle blogging, you could start with a few posts here and there on something lifestyle- (or other topic) related, say one Friday a month, and call it your "freestyle Friday" post or something like that. And see how you and your audience like it. :-)

    A random fact about me: I've thought about starting either a modest fashion blog or lifestyle blog, for a while - ummmm make that over a year. But I'm hesitate. *sigh* I was frustrated about modest fashion blogs until I found yours (and MoMoMod) and went YES WE NEED MORE OF THIS! I'm just trying to figure it if I'm supposed to be an active part of the solution too. ^_^

    P.S. Ditto on The Cosby Show... they don't make shows like that anymore.

  4. Ha! Typh! You are a LOWKEY comedian!!! You and your hubby crack me up smh! Oh Adam, you're in for a real treat..LOL. By the way, you could have fooled me (you're not photogenic! yeah right!) and we have something in common!!! I LOVE the COSBY! I actually want a HUGE picture of them to hang in my home. Also, I have the complete series if you ever want to borrow :-)

    1. lol! Thanks... I have the whole series of The Cosby Show too!

    2. *buts in the convo....oh so smbdy finally gave in and got you the Cosby Set Nissey lol Typhanie being photogenic is not for said person to decide mam....the jury is out you take lovely pics! OK carry on lol

  5. I LOVE water/shopping alone/online shopping! Woohoo! Also, I hate ironing. What's your address? I'm shipping you everything that needs to be ironed.

    More Modern Modesty

  6. I have three brothers too,no sis. I hate ironing. I am so scared of needles and injections! I belly dance too

  7. I belly dance in the mirror while singing "I'm sexy & I know it Lol....doing things alone hallelujah I'm not the only one.....I actually enjoy giving injections & needles fascinate me, I think my obsession came from grandma allowing me to inject her with her diabetic insulin shot at 12yrs old....what can I say, I was a responsible kid!!! :-) :-) :-)

  8. Love to be a sis with you in Christ.