December 16, 2014

Adam Turns 1

Dear Adam,

Today, you are one year old. 

As I am writing this, you are sitting in my lap hugging me and snuggling with me like your life depends on it. That's actually how you hug me all the time. It's amazing how your little arms can give such big, strong, affectionate hugs. And your little kisses... priceless. I pray your intentional displays of affection never get old, or that you never get too old, rather.

After just the first year of getting to know you, I can already tell that you are going to be a man whom I will be proud of one day. I'm already so proud of who you are now. You are smart, loving, friendly, intelligent, perceptive, care-free, curious, resilient, forgiving, trusting and hilarious! You are more than what your father and I could have ever thought to pray for, undeservedly so. You have an amazing gift of quietly commanding the attention of a room or capturing the heart of anyone with just one smile, making each and every person you come in contact with feel oh so special. It truly is a gift. You are a gift.

Adam, I speak for your father as well when I say that we are amazed that God has chosen us to be your parents. I love that we each have our own unique relationship dynamic with you. We've learned so much in the past yea too much to list here  about true love and gratitude, and you came just in time to teach us. We are forever indebted to God and you for those lessons here on this Earth. Thank you, baby.

Enjoy your day today, your first birthday. Laugh and have fun as we cherish, celebrate and thank God for you. I've already shed a few tears of joy, and I'm sure there are more to come. I'm so blessed to be your mom...

Today, you are one year old.

I love you.

Your Mommy

Click here to watch clips from Adam's 1st Birthday party.


  1. There were so many unknowns... Who would you resemble? What would your temperament be? I remember writing you letters almost every week telling you what was going on as we waited to meet you. Then, you were born in record time. After a near textbook pregnancy, our beautiful baby boy was finally here. Now, our dream is in our arms everyday. We are so blessed!

    Son, I know we don't do everything right, but you are an example of the marvelous grace of God to bless us with nothing but the best though we deserve so much less. Mommy & Daddy will always strive to give you what we had and more. Always remember, "you're daddy's champion and everything is going to be okay!"

    I will love you forever,

    1. Truly a special an awesome gift from God to you both, and a handsome lil supermodel at that too :-). May God cover him with His mercy grace peace an precious love always, keeping watch and protecting him everywhere that he goes guiding him in everything that does so he can become the strong man which God has called him to be.

      Praise God for His special gift and precious love that He has sent to you both

  2. He is a natural with the camera! What great pictures these are...he is sooo adorable and handsome! Happy Birthday, Adam!

  3. Awwwwwweee your son is adorable!!!! He favors you so much!

  4. Happy Birthday Adam! You are so adorable and photogenic; filled with such captivating personality, spunk and style. And that smile...........heart-warming and breath-taking! You're a natural!!!

    Dwayne and Typhanie, continue to be the excellent parents you are, growing him up in the fear and nurture of the Lord. The rewards will be great!

    God bless the Stewarts!

  5. awwwww best post ever!!! congrats to the both of you
    SN: what do you put in his hair? Im looking for some products for my god-daughter who turned 1 recently

  6. So cute - I love all his little poses. He has alot of personality! What a blessing.

  7. Excuse me while I regain my composure......wheww

  8. Happy Happy 1st Birthday again Adam! May you always be blessed and do continue to spread your contagious smile and joy wherever you go! God Bless you too Dwayne & Typhanie! May God continue to guide you both as you nurture your precious baby boy :)

  9. Wow! Adam is so cute and adorable. Happy first birthday!!

  10. Thank you for sharing him on Instagram worth your followers. He's such a happy baby and a good mixture of you and your hubby. I love how stylish he is. Makes me want to pull out the photo albums and reminisce :) #boysrock