February 26, 2015

When in Doubt

Pleione Top via Marshalls | MadeBy Skirt | Vince Camuto Shoes via Macy's | Forever 21 Clutch

After putting this outfit together, I had no idea which shoes to style it with to complete the look. I knew navy shoes would bring it down too much, plus I wasn't up for being matchy-matchy. So, I went for my "when in doubt" pair that never fails: my nude-greyish Vince Camuto heels. They go with everything.

When in doubt, choose what you know for sure will work and fits who you are and how you're feeling.
Style should never be complicated.

Mark 9:17-29
1 Thessalonians 5:22-24


  1. Yesss, Typh! Loving this look!

    I def have a when in doubt shoes...even though people some times don't agree with it as the best choice LOL