March 9, 2015

Classic Casual

H&M Shirt | Old Navy Vest | JCPenney Skirt | H&M Shoes | Rebecca Minkoff Bag via Marshalls

Over the weekend, I pulled several wardrobe staples and threw them together to make an outfit: white shirt, cargo vest, denim and animal printed accessories. I think I could recreate this exact look in 2 years (or 2 years ago, for that matter) during any season and still be relevant.

Oh, by the way... WARNING: I've been shying away from color lately, so you'll be seeing a lot of blacks, whites, greys, beiges and shades thereof this month. My love for neutrals continues. I'll do my best to throw some color in here and there so as not to bore you, but it'll be a rarity. What's not to love about neutrals anyway?

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