June 19, 2015

How to Be Flawsome

H&M Dress | The Limited Blazer | New Look Shoes via ASOS

I've always known that I have my fair share of flaws. It took me a while (as well as some heartache and lost friendships along the way) to realize that it's not just me  no one is perfect. The good news is, flaws can be awesome. How? I'll tell you.

Be Honest
Fighting against pride and potential embarrassment and actually honestly acknowledging your flaws is the first step to becoming "flawsome." Instead of trying to be someone I'm not (which is literally impossible for me to anyway, I've tried), I came to terms with the fact that I'm an introvert, not very outgoing, too trusting, and I don't have the perfect body (who does!?). Once I acknowledged these so-called "flaws" about myself, I actually started to like them.

Be Positive
Embracing your flaws is easier said then done. It takes time, effort, prayer and even research. It's a process. However, it really boils down to thinking about how these imperfections actually make you... you. In my case, I realized that I enjoy keeping to myself. It just fits my lifestyle and contributes to my personality. It also balances out the extroverts in my life, which there are quite a few. My circle is small, but I know that the people who are in it genuinely want to be there, so that makes it OK. It also helps with the fact that I'm probably the most gullible girl you'll ever meet. If I was outgoing, I probably wouldn't have survived this long.

Be Your Best
Now, I'm not saying to give yourself excuses not to work towards being better. If your imperfections genuinely prevent you from being someone that other people want to be around (e.g. body odor or a bad attitude), then by all means, take care of those, ASAP! On the other hand, if your flaws are basically negative perceptions of yourself, decide which flaws you want to improve and which flaws you want to embrace, and be the best version of yourself you can be. You'll even amaze yourself with all of your flawsomeness.

Go get 'em.


  1. Such a sweet post, and that's a super cute outfit!

  2. Here's to all the Flowsomes out there. You still ROCK!