August 19, 2015


H&M Shirt | Made By Skirt | Steve Madden Shoes

I'm a simple girl. No fuss, no theatrics for me when it comes to clothes. But, this simple girl loves shoes. I must confess, I'm the type of girl who would buy one dress and six different pairs of shoes to style it with. I'm not confessing to having done it... I'm just saying I would do it. Confession is good for the soul.


  1. HA! Are you sure you haven't done it? :)

    I love this look. Great shots... Love you

  2. Lovely shots. I really like the shoes as well.

  3. Those shoes are the best! And yes, I have a thing for shoes as well.... ;)

  4. Love this look. It's so fresh and clean. My kind of style...simplicity!

  5. This is actually my first time to bump into your blog, i love it! it is really inspiring to see young Christians representing Christ through fashion, please check out my blog...

    1. OOh! and those shoes are a killer, from today henceforth. count me as your reader :-)

  6. Oh my, my, my! I love this combination! Do you ever wear sneakers? If you do, I'd love to see what you pair it with. Have a lovely day!