November 23, 2015

New In // Zara, H&M & Chicwish

Not Pictured: Zara Navy Tube Skirt | Black Bucket H&M Bag (smaller version)

Black, grey and white were [unintentionally| the focus of my last shopping haul, a trend that typically manifests for me around this time of year. I can't help it; cooler temps inspire me gravitate towards darker, basic colors, if nothing else because of the ease of mixing, matching and layering.

If I've learned nothing else this go 'round, I've learned I can't say no to a black knee length dress with sleeves... So, don't ask me to. Zara came through with the perfect all-purpose corporate or dress-up option while H&M provided the comfy casual style. I've always wanted a blouse with an embellished neckline, and Chicwish had a great quality choice that will pair nicely with my new full pleated skirt boasting an adorable check pattern. 

While my fall/winter color palette has transitioned, I bought my first "sweater" for the season in the form of a black and white knit sweatshirt top from H&M. And, shocker -- I bought another pair of black pumps. But, they are warranted due to the unique velvet/patent mix and sexy silhouette ideal for ensembles for this time of year. Not pictured are my navy mid-calf length tube skirt from Zara and black bucket bag from H&M, both of which I plan to style so many ways, you may just get tired of seeing them. So, don't be too sad that I didn't include their photos in this most.

You can grab most of these pieces for up to 50% off during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, so feel free to check the links!

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