December 15, 2015

White + Grey + Black

H&M Shirt | Chicwish Skirt | Steve Madden Shoes | Zara Bag

To know me is to know that full skirts are a staple when it comes to my personal style. You can almost bet when you see me, I'll either be in a simple dress and blazer or a full skirt with a simple stylish top.

Chicwish is now 2-for-2 with this second skirt purchase of mine from this online shop that has quickly gained popularity, with good reason. (My first purchase was worn in a post back in the summer.) Without question, the two skirts I've purchased from Chicwish are my top two favorites in my closet right now.

My love for this grey and black grid print number goes beyond this multi-purpose outfit which I would totally wear to church, work, or even an event. I've found that it is so versatile, the possibilities of pairing it with both simple and statement pieces for form the perfect look for several different occasions are endless.

Ephesians 2:19-22


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