June 14, 2012

"Come... Buy"

Top: The Limited | Skirt: Marisa Christina via Marshall's | Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Ross
Clutch: Thrifted (100% Leather) via Plato's Closet | Sunglasses: DKNY via Macy's | Watch: Fossil via Macy's

I was tired when I took these pictures. It's much better to take outfit photos in the morning for cooler, less exhausting photo-taking conditions. I was so useless after this I don't even think I ate dinner. If you know me, you know it was serious... but I digress.

This top from The Limited was $9.99. I was so excited! I had been looking for a top to pair with this skirt for ages! I'm glad it was on sale because if it wasn't, I may have been tempted to buy it anyway. But it was kind to me. It's as if it was saying, "No money? Come ye, buy..." ;)


  1. The outfit works. perfect blending of color. you look lovely.

    SN: nothing wrong with being a bargain shopper

  2. This is a cute outfit!!!! I love the blend of the colors. I'm like you, I don't get discouraged in the hunt for the perfect match to a top or bottom that's in my closet. I never give up lol