June 21, 2012

JAMAICA, Land I Love

I apologize for posting snapshots from my trip a day later than promised. I was having technical difficulties... Forgive me?

These shots are just to summarize most of what we did on our most recent Jamaica visit. I provide a bit of context in the form of key words and phrases down below. If you're curious about any of the photos, feel free to leave a comment! :)



Traffic // Bob Marley Museum // Bob Marley's House // Marley Coffee // Beware of Mangoes // Nephew // Usain Bolt's Restaurant // Menu on Table // Blog on Table // Lunch // Awwww // Paying the Bill // Devon House // Ice Cream // Roasted Breadfruit // Good Friends // Niece & Me // Daddy & Grandma // Lychee // Roadside Market // Digicel Credit, Anyone? // Fern Gully on the way to Ocho Rios // Ocho Rios // Soft Drinks @ KFC // On the way back to Kingston // Speed Kills // Photo with the Newlyweds // Father's Day :)


  1. Love today's post! Thanks for sharing..

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!!! I enjoyed every pic!! They made me quite nostalgic & I see too that we have another thing in common re Ocho Rios ;) Big ups to my friends the Stewarts & Taylors ;)

    1. Thanks! Next trip, you and Kirby have to come with us :)

    2. Now THAT would be a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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