January 31, 2013

Find me on MoMoMod: Pattern Mixing

Top: JCrew | Skirt: JCrew | Shoes: Calvin Klein via Macy's | Clutch: Express


I'm out pattern mixing on MoMoMod today. Check out my post here!
Tell them I sent you :)


  1. Hey Typhanie, just tried the link, it doesn't work. (Not sure if it's just on my end; you might want to double check). I get a page that says:

    "Error 404, page, post or resource can not be found. We apologize but this page, post or resource does not exist or can not be found. Perhaps it is necessary to change the call method to this page, post or resource."

    You're now part of my daily morning blog reads, I swear I'm not stalking your blog (seeing you've just posted this entry, just thought I'd mention it. *ahem* ^_^)

    1. Hey Assaba, I had that issue also, what i had to do was click Home and then Typhanie's blog tab.

      Hope it works for you

    2. Ah that worked. Thanks for the tip Lady Grant!

    3. Thank you ladies! I fixed the problem :)

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