January 23, 2013


Top: The Limited | Cardigan-Sweater: The Limited | Skirt: The Limited
Shoes: Qupid (Gift from my Mommy) | Bag: Forever 21

If I never told you what really happens when I take photos, you would never know. But of course I go through the entire roll to make sure I pick the most near-perfect shots and then remind you just how "un-perfect" I really am in a little blurb underneath... kinda like what I'm about to right now.

Friends.... When I tell you I had one of the most horrifying near-fall experiences in this outfit, please believe it. I almost went crashing down to the ground after tripping on... well... I can't recall tripping on anything in particular, but that's not the point. (Confession: I'm slightly very clumsy.) The point is, it would have been a gruesome fall resulting in the loss of some teeth and severe hand, elbow, and knee scrapes. But God! I don't know what caught me, but I'm sure glad I lived to tell the story.

The good news is, no one saw this embarrassing episode. Not even my husband would have noticed had it not been for my ear-piercing screech of fear that gave it away. I'll have to work on toning that down a bit. Pray my strength.


  1. Love this outfit especially the skirt and the PINK! I'm glad you didn't fall that would've sucked. :)

  2. I agree with Bri! Lovely outfit. This post was bright and refreshing. That is also one of my favorite passages of scripture!

  3. LOL Girl!!! I have some stories, too! hahaha I fell once and ripped a hole in my tights. I didn't post that day! Ah, well!! ;o)

    More Modern Modesty

  4. Hahaha. Thank God you didn't fall.

    Cute skirt and bag. The skirt fits you well! :)

  5. I love this outfit!!!!
    Thanks God you didn't fall

  6. oh no! glad you're ok! love the outfit!

  7. Glad that you didn't tumble. Love the ensemble!

  8. Hey lady! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can accept it Here: http://christinamarieharris.blogspot.com/2013/01/liebster-award-o.html

    Cheers to you for cute/trendy outfits and here's hoping that you get more followers!

    XO Christina