February 21, 2013

DIY // Simple Studded Clutch

This is a really simple DIY project that I thought to do and share with you all. I thrifted what was a very boring clutch for a couple of dollars, and now, thanks to a little creativity, I'll be more inclined to wear it.

You can try this easy project to spice up any plain, soft material clutch or bag you have laying around. All you need is the bag you'd like to work on, some studs (I used silver "purse feet" from JoAnn's because I couldn't find actual studs), a ruler, a sharpie, and some scissors.
Use the ruler to measure how far apart you'd like your studs to be, and use the sharpie to mark where the studs will be placed.

Use the scissors to cut small holes where you will insert the studs.

(Here's a better view to see where I've made marks for the studs. I already inserted the first one.)

Here's what the inside of the clutch looked like with the studs/purse feet. If I was more industrious and less lazy, I would have opened up the inside stitching, secured my studs, then sewed the lining back up to conceal the unsightly stud backs... But yeah, I'm lazy.

Ta-Dah! The finished product.

Let me know what you think and if you decide to try it :)


  1. innovative... i will try this! Where did you get the studded bead packs?

  2. I am loving the studds trend :) Thought I was alone :)

  3. I love this .. I love DIYs they are fun!! :)

    I'd probably would have gone the lazier route and just glue gun sum accessories (looking like studs) to the bag.

    But this is nice!

  4. Hey Typhanie!

    I Love DIYs! Keep em coming! :)



  5. Looks great! Definitely brings an edge to the clutch.

  6. Looks great! Maybe you should have a DIY session with the young ladies at church ;)

  7. Will try this! Thanks for sharing :)