February 28, 2013

Find me on MoMoMod: Pretty in Pink

Dress: BCBG (old) | Camisole: Charlotte Russe (old) | Bag: Coach (gift)


I'm blogging on MoMoMod today. Check out my post here.


  1. oh, i love a wrap dress!...of course i always seem to wear them on the windiest of days!!!...lol.

  2. Hi Typhanie, so... I may be the slow one here; I am able to type a response on MoMoMod but there is no button under the comment box to publish my comment. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

    1. It took me a while to figure it out, so you're definitely not slow lol! Allow you curser to hover underneath the comment box, and you should see something like "Submit Reply" show up. You can't see it unless you hover over the right spot because it's white and blends in with the background otherwise. Hope this helps!

    2. It worked! Thanks. ^_^ I was sitting here saying (to make myself feel better): come on, you have a college degree; you've been using the internet for a while; you can do this. LOL

    3. Sounds exactly like the conversation I was having with myself yesterday! lol ;)