July 10, 2014

6 Trends We'll Look Back At and Wonder Why

Have you ever looked back at some old photos of yourself and wondered, "Why in the world did I wear that? AND I thought I was the bomb!" Well, to save you some time  and from future embarrassment  I've compiled a list of six current trends that will make us all look back and cringe.

1. Birkenstock Sandals
I'm not quite sure how or when exactly these things made it back on the scene, but they are hideous. What's funny to me is that the fashion world knows and admits this, yet Birkenstock-style sandals are still all the rage having been seen on virtually every well-known blogger and Hollywood celebrities alike. I gather that the appeal of these shoes (the genuine Birkenstocks, I assume) are the vegan materials they are made out of and the orthopedic comfort they provide. Apparently ugly is the new black. I'm not quite sold.

2. One-Sleeved Tops and Dresses
I'm not sure if this style is quite trending just yet, but I have seen it recently on the sites of a few popular stores. The thought of one-sleeved/one-shoulder tops and dresses coming back makes me eager to bring up the question at hand   Why? Whyyy would you fork out bills to purchase 75% of what could have been a perfectly good top? I can't figure it out.

3. Iridescent 
Iridescent clothing and shoes were all over the high-fashion runways as a hot trend for 2014. (Be prepared for a spike in traffic accidents this year.) I find it difficult to grasp the reasoning behind wanting to be a walking bike reflector. My eyes have never done anything to me to make me want to put them through that type of turmoil, let alone those of perfect strangers whom I would pass by on the street. Neon is just about my limit when it comes to making blinding, eye-popping fashion statements.

4. Knee-High Gladiators
Now this trend is one that I definitely cannot get into. I would wear Birkenstocks before these; at least those are comfortable. I find it uncomfortable enough to wear one-strap sandals that leave imprints on my feet, so why on earth would I want 57 buckles digging into my skin? Furthermore, wearing these would making me feel like I'm preparing for battle during bible days, and I'm just not cut out for it.

5. Maxis with Short Slips 
Fellow modesty-lovers... Isn't it annoying when you think you've found the perfect maxi dress or skirt, only to take a closer look and realize that the slip underneath would barely cover your underwear and from the high thigh to the ankle of the skirt is see-through? UGH! Some ladies may not think it's a big deal and just wear a long slip underneath the short one, but I still have two problems with that. #1) I don't like extra layering. I prefer to buy clothes that make me feel comfortable right off the hanger. #2) Whoooo or Whereeee still sells long slips??

6. Summer Scarves
I live in hot sticky Florida where it's sketchy to wear scarves even in the winter, yet I still see people down here wearing summer scarves. This is not okay to me. The risk of dying from heat stroke is real, people, and a fashion trend is not worth it. I just saved your life. You're welcome.

Please, please  If you've been caught sporting one of the trends mentioned in this post, don't be offended or feel embarrassed. It's all in the name of fun, and these are just my opinions. Plus, there is still time to put away your ugly sandals and summer scarves and pretend like they never happened.

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  1. Funny this made my night or early morning rather.

  2. so funny but true. I would add the High-low trend to that. So annoying, and worst thing ever invented. Ruins my shopping experience every time. LOL

    1. Yup... I own one high-low dress and it's because the high part in the front hits my knee, thankfully... But it was a short-lived trend.

  3. haha funny post! But #5 though!! that is always disappointing so glad that I am not the only one who feels that way. smh. #TheStruggleIsReal

  4. Dillard's still sells long slips!! I just bought one for one of those deceptive maxis. Luckily this one was a dress and the mid thigh slip could be taken out :-)

    1. Dillards and JCPenney are saved folks' departments stores. lol! ;)

  5. I'm not your target audience here... but if I had a pair of birkenstocks, I would probably wear them every day in the summer. With jeans, a white fitted t-shirt with no stains on it, and a summer scarf :) It's a perfectly acceptable mom uniform when I'm running after two (soon to be three) kids. It's all about lifestyle. I would look absurd going to the library/park/etc. in those heels!

    1. Hey, cuz! I don't doubt the comfort of Birkenstock's at all, I just don't find them visually appealing. I'm sure in Kentucky summer scarves are acceptable, but I don't think they are realistic for 90+ degree humid weather in South Florida. And you're 100% right! Chasing three kids in a park in heels would be cray! ;)