July 30, 2014

Who Am I?

Shirt: Forever 21 (similar) | Skirt: The Limited (similar) | Shoes: BCBG via Ross (try these) | Bag: Zara (similar)

I've been sporting a ponytail since Monday (sooo unlike me) while trying to recover from ACI 2014, a youth event I helped prepare for and attended last week. Truth is, my hair is just as tired as I am. Hopefully we'll both recover over the weekend.

I learned a lot about myself during an entire week away immersed in a God-filled atmosphere: I am light. I am beautiful. I am powerful through Christ. I am so much more than others' perceptions of me... and, at times, even my own perceptions of myself. To be honest, a lot of these things I already knew, but there's a difference between knowing versus seeing, believing, and acting upon that knowledge. And, while I work on that, I still have a lot more knowledge to gain.


  1. Beautiful post. Beautiful insight.

  2. Great and beautiful post sis! And I am so #teamponytail and you look super gawjuss with it! xo :-)

  3. Haha! I only wear ponytails when my hair will do absolutely nothing else. lol! Thank you, though!