September 23, 2014


Top: Forever 21 (similar) | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Zara (try these) | Bag: Steps (local boutique)

Black. It's the most magical color for clothing there is. Wearing it lately has made me feel the most confident I've felt in a long time, if I'm being honest. It's the black and all of it's magical goodness.

Can I be transparent? I don't have nearly as many "Oh, heyyy, girl, hey! You're cute!" moments as I used to. I've gained so much as a mom over the past nine months, but unfortunately I've lacked a bit when it comes to feeling comfortable in my body. Just when I find a few good pieces in my wardrobe that make me feel pretty, thoughts of self-dissatisfaction creep in to try to take that feeling away. But I'm working on it. Half of the battle is in my mind, I'm sure.

In the meantime, my go-to blacks and neutrals are helping me out. Plus I've ordered a few new pieces in silhouettes that have been flattering on me lately, and I can't wait to style them! 
Stay tuned.

Romans 12:1-3


  1. Girl please lol. You always look awesome! Your shoes are on point!

  2. It's ALL in your mind! Your body looks great! Is this workwear or just for the blog? Tryna get ideas for work.

    1. Thank you... Some outfits are for work, some are for church :)

  3. What the earlier comments say: you look great! :-)

    Black never goes out of style and it is soooo practical.

  4. Love this outfit typhanie, especially the shoes <3 <3