September 30, 2014

Grey Days

Top: Marshalls | Skirt: Banana Republic | Shoes: Target | Clutch: Thrifted

The grey, rainy days lately have made it difficult to take photos; and when the skies have been clear, it's been HOT and humid. Both scenarios result in horrible lighting... and horrible hair. I'm sure you're thinking there is just no pleasing me, but that's not true. Perfect 70 degree whether with partly cloudy skies would do the trick!

Speaking of grey, I'm sold on grey being the "it" neutral this fall. It's such a welcomed change from the predictable brown because, like black or white, it goes with everything. Easy, transitional options are great for me since it's evident that I rarely deviate from my three go-to outfit combinations:

Skirt + Top
Dress + Blazer
Skirt + Top + Blazer
(You won't get much more out of me than that – I'm not a huge fan of layering.)

My style is just that simple, and I love it.


  1. I was planning to comment that I love your easy-to-put-together outfits even before I read your wardrobe formula. So on point! You can quickly spice it up with prints or accessories in accent colors. If you live in an area that gets lots of snow like I do, it's also easy to winterize a dress or top+skirt combination without too much layering. Add a pair of leggings and boots, a blazer/sweater/cardigan, and a scarf if needed. And get some basic pieces made with materials that keep you warm.

    Sounds so simple; why it took almost my entire twenties to figure this out, I don't know. (I'm in my late 20s). I've truly enjoyed editing my wardrobe and trimming it this year. I think my motto was somewhere between "less is more" and "ain't nobody got time for that!"