October 7, 2014

On a Positive Note

H&M Blouse | River Island Skirt via ASOS | Zara Heels (similar Steve Madden Heels) | Bag from local boutique (similar French Connection Bag)

I've been so tired lately. As usual, there is so much to do with what seems like so little time to get it all done. Added to the madness has been the overabundance of good television as my favorite shows have begun their new seasons. So now, there's real life and fictional TV that I need to make time for. 
Oh, how will I ever get through it all.

Further to the point of having so much to do and so little time, the weeks have been breezing by and running into each other with the weekends feeling like a rushed hug. On Sunday, someone asked me how my week went. I told them, I'm sure it was fine or else I would have remembered. It's funny how our minds work with the tendency to remember even the minor negatives over the positives. Personally, I've been working on positive thinking more than focusing on negatives, so who knows – maybe a disaster occurred last week and I don't remember. I do remember wearing this outfit; that was positive.