May 11, 2012

All Things Made New

There he is again :)
Dress: Thrifted, Plato's Closet | Shoes: Guess, Thrifted, Plato's Closet
Bag: Forever 21 | Belt: The Limited

Photos by K|D Imagery

Ok... So I'm fully aware that I'm no top model in front of the camera. And this may not be the most blog-worthy outfit either. But my mission is not to become a 7-foot tall glamazon overnight, nor is it to show off my most fabulous of-the-moment wardrobe (which is nonexistent by the way... It's more like last-moment-made-new. Times are hard folks!) My mission is... well... let's play it by ear! For now I'm just trying something different. While I'm exploring, I hope to inspire at least one person about the possibilities of modest dressing while staying true to your ever-evolvng personal style.

Now that the long-winded disclaimer is over with, let me tell you about this outfit! Thanks to the wonderful world of thrifting, the entire ensemble cost about $20 total. I'm fairly new to thrifting... and floral prints. But in my recent thrifting adventures, I find that the two seem to go hand in hand. (Anyone else notice that too??) Anyway, when I stumbled across this $6 dress, I thought I'd give both a try. Don't we all need a second chance? I think so.


  1. Hey Typh .. I'll try and keep uptodate with you on this new journey as much as i can. I do believe that you are a brave heart and its great that you actually took the step to make this 'Garment of Praise' a start.

    I fail to believe though that the full ensemble is about 20$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20$!!!! girl, imma follow you just cause you gonna be helping to save ma money :).

    Write on my sister!!! ... i look forward for regular blogs :)

  2. Loving every bit of this blig! And I officially need to start thrifting! $20!? Praise God!

  3. Cute dress!!!! You wear it well :) I need to check out Plato's Closet soon! Care to join me?! ;)

    1. Sure! It takes a lot of patience, but it can be worth it :)

  4. I love belts too.

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