May 16, 2012

As the Rain Cometh Down

Dress: Taylor via Nordstrom Rack | Cardigan: Merona for Target
Shoes & Clutch: Ninewest | Belt: Thrifted (100% leather), Plato's Closet

Photos by K|D Imagery

It's been rainy a lot. Looks like it's going to rain a lot more too... April showers -- May RAIN. In Florida, rain this time of year = hot, muggy, and humid. While I do hope the rain lets up soon, I'm thankful for it. I know it will help to make the rest of spring beautiful as well as the summer months ahead. So as the rain comes down, here's a spring-inspired outfit to remind you that there's more to look forward to during this wonderful season! 


  1. I'm loving today's outfit!!!! :)

  2. Looking fabulous as always! I've always admired your "garments of praise". Keep up the excellent work!!

  3. Your dress brightens up the mood with the weather we've been having lately. And the color looks good on your complexion.

  4. I agree with Sheri! The color of your dress is a sight for my sore eyes which has grown quite tired of the gloomy weather outside ;)

    It reminds me of my wedding day, quite close, if not the theme color of my wedding :)