May 25, 2012


Dress: Matty M. via Ross | Jacket: Guess | Sandals: American Eagle for Payless | Crossbody Bag: Forever 21

Photos by K|D Imagery

This dress has everything I want in a "ready-for-the-weekend" dress. It's cotton. It's cinched at the waist to create shape. It's long, but still cool enough for spring and summer. It has side pockets and even a cute little front breast pocket for "style and fashion." It has sleeves so I'd feel comfortable wearing it with or without a jacket. And the stripes... Oh the stripes. Stripes are great in that they're simple, yet they can make any garment (dressy or casual) or any color combo interesting. Whoever invented stripes was brilliant -- brilliant, I tell you.

Oh stripes, how I appreciate thee... Let me count the ways...


  1. Lovely. I love stripes too. And the dress has a nice flattering cut
    k at

  2. i love today's fashion - the comfort, the free-ness and the stripes. The way the dress incorporates the stripes of the dress and His stripes by which we are healed. Stripes just speaks of difference, uniqueness - which we are as Christians. Love it :)

  3. great combinations and new proposals

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  5. Gorgeous outfit! Gorgeous model! Keep it up babes :)