August 24, 2012

I Have a Confession...

Top & Skirt: Banana Republic | Shoes & Bag: Forever 21
...I do NOT like to exercise.
I went for a run this morning (well, more of a walk with some running involved), and after my last lap, I thought my head was going to explode. Hence my late afternoon post. I had to recover.
I know what you exercise fanatics are going to say: "If you stick to it, it gets easier."
Sigh... I'll try. But if my head really does explode, I'm coming after you. Did I say that out loud? Sorry, that's the leopard print talking.


  1. i love your blog ;D i just happend to find you when you posted a comment on pretty is this. you got style honey lol ;D no offence, but i hate when i be seeing saved women and they look...umm...well...i'll just say "unkept" if you know what i mean. just because you don't wear jewlery and makeup, doesnt mean you cant look cute lol!!!!! im just happy i have a new blog to check out and it's called :D

    oh and you and you husband are soooooo dog on cute!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. lol - I know what you mean. Thanks for the lovely comment and for stopping by!

  2. Your go gurrrrrrrrl!!

    love this look. Simple


  3. This is such a cute casual look. I have a pair of loafer flats like these that I've been wearing out, but I got mine from TJ Maxx. I can't stand exercising, either, but it's true that once I get a good routine going - I stick with it. I always go to the gym and get on a machine, though. I'm rarely into trying anything creative, lol. Just trying to burn calories!

    - Shannon

  4. I love the shoes!! Running stinks, ugh!! I always say to myself, "Hmmm, three months from now, I wonder what will I look like if I keep it up??" You can do it. Cry if you have to! No one is watching! LOL!

  5. go typh! when i was consistent with exercising it did get easier. but i'll be honest, it took at least 3 weeks for me not breathe hard after just walking around my complex for 15 minutes! lol. you can do it! get dwayne to go with you. the time will pass by before you know it.