August 30, 2012

Line Upon Line

Top: The Limited | Skirt: Banana Republic
I have a love/hate relationship with stripes. Sometimes I give into the illusion that they make me look a bit broad, but I still love the "disciplined neatness" of the line upon line pattern. Oh, and I mentioned before how classy stripes can be when worn dressed up or even casually.

How do you feel about stripes? What are some of your favorite prints?


  1. I actually love stripes! I'm also a lover of polka dots! I don't know why, but I think polka dots can be a lot of fun :-)

    1. Me too! Polka dots are actually my favorite :)

  2. I love stripes but stripes don't love me! They do make me look much broader than I think I am :) I do love polka dots and I also like graphic prints. Not a big fan of animal print though! BTW love this top on you. I love pieces from The Limited also.

  3. I love stripes and polka dots! One of my 'Sunday's Best' are actually inspired by you and your fourth of July post. Red Ruffled Top with white dots , Black pencil skirt Blue Pumps.. a bit patriotic will IG the picture and tag you.

    oh yeah.. I am wearing a black and gray stripped Maxi Dress. :)

  4. Stripes and bold colors--I can dig it. (: My favorite patterns are geometric ones. Especially triangles.

  5. i actually don't have one...but you have me thinking maybe i should get one, lol. thanks for the posts typh. keep it up. you inspire me to expand, explore and yes, fall in love with fashion. never really had someone to teach me about it, so thanks for the posts that show how to assemble colors, have a "party" item and try different things. i tend to fall into a routine & stick w/ it, but trying new things doesn't always have to mean my first reaction which is to be scared, unfortunately that is second nature for me, but new things can be fun and different!

  6. btw nice short curls. reminds me of a 50's look :-)

  7. I love the pink skirt sooo bright!! I love that u put bible pasages on ur posts! I do that on my blog too..pls visit :D