August 16, 2012

Guest Post // Where's the Party?

Shirt: H&M | Tie: Hilfiger | Pants: Express | Shoes: Aldo | Belt: Salvatore Ferragamo

Photos by: Nicholas Stewart

So, I’m being guest featured on my wife’s world-renowned blog! Who would’ve thought that my week would’ve taken such an amazing turn? Well, I’m going to attempt to make this post as simple as the outfit... 

I learned from my wife that your safest bet is to have just one “party” or focal point in an outfit. Now, if you have photos of me from my “pre fashion blogger husband” days, you are painfully aware that I needed this advice! It was nothing for me to wear multi-colored high-tops and work each color into an outfit. Thank God for grace! I have since learned to keep it simple; work with base colors and throw in a fun tie or my signature – a vest. Hope you like a simple party!

- Dwayne


  1. Such a handsome look!

  2. Dwayne,
    First time blogger... you did GREAT! You are just as funny, and quirky as Typhanie.
    Loving the post.
    Yay for Dwayne! (good job Typhanie).

  3. Not bad at all Mr. Stewart :) Looking forward to more guest appearances Mrs. Stewart :)

  4. He just might have to start his own blog... Until then, he's welcome here ;)

  5. Hey first time blogger!! :)
    Keep the 'party' simple!!

  6. Handsome man and great style. Your children are going to be beautiful.

  7. I like it! Also great scripture reference. You did a great job and like Typhanie said, you might have to consider doing your own blog!

  8. Look pon da GQ preacha pickney...Nice look Dwayne. Its a blessing to see when a husband can be supportive of their wife. Good job Typh

  9. great job dwayne! and thanks typhanie for featuring him. and re dwayne's comment i remember those days of the nike's w/ neon purple, yellow & green. i wasn't the greatest in those days either (and i'm not at typhanie's level now as well). anyway, i digress...yes, thank God for grace.