April 4, 2013

Vertical Stripes

Shirt: Forever 21 | Skirt: Marshall's | Shoes: Nine West via Ross | Clutch: Aldo

Black & white and vertical stripes are huge trends this spring and summer. I thought I couldn't love stripes any more, until vertical stripes came along. I find them to be much more slimming and interesting than regular stripes, don't you?

Pairing this shirt with bright green was another accidental combination, and I loved it. I should style my outfits by accident more often.


  1. Love the color combo! I wore a similar outfit to church last night reversed :) Black and white pin striped shirt, black a-line skirt and a yellow jacket. Loved the pop of color!

  2. I love those "accident" outfits and this one os fab, fab, fab

  3. I know someone asked for a close-up of your bags/purses in your last post. I feel like I'm being a little demanding asking today for a close-up of your shoes! Those heels look really cute. :-)

    Also, a black and white stripped shirt looks really nice on any solid colored pencil skirt in a vibrant color. I wore one recently on a yellow skirt. You could pair that top with a bright pink, yellow, purple, orange, green, or colbat blue skirt! (Can you tell I like playing with colors?)

  4. Lovely ensemble. Those vertical stripes always remind me of footlocker employees and NFL ref. Lol

    1. lol that's why I stay away from the larger stripes.

  5. Love this look (and all your other ones!)


  6. Love this outfit! Can't believe that is a F21 shirt, I want one to! You look so stylish and sophisticated