July 23, 2012

ACI 2012: One Way

Happy Monday, everyone!

As promised, today I'm sharing some highlights from my week at ACI 2012! Apostolic Camp International has been a tremendous blessing in my life for the last seven years, and this being my second year serving on staff was an even bigger blessing. It was undoubtedly a week to remember! The theme was "One Way: The Decision. The Direction. The Destination."

I provide a bit of context to the photos in the form of key words and brief descriptions down below. If you're curious about any of the shots, feel free to leave a comment and I'll tell you more!
(For more information on ACI, click here.)

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Materials ready for campers' arrival // Husband excited about "One Way" theme // Little sisters ready for sessions // Time for service! // Bush Chapel // Altar service // Lunch // Denim jackets - 2012 uniform :) // Camp staff having fun at recreation // Monster feet! // Kindercamp puppet show // Fun for the little ones // Arts & Crafts // Happy birthday, Kevin! // Vintage night // Pentecostal Hymnal // Tarrying for the Holy Ghost  - 11 souls were filled! // One Way
(Photos courtesy of ACI 2012 campers)


  1. A wonderful experience!!!!!

    I too look forward to ACI every year! It's a blessing and a wonderful camp where we learn so much more about Jesus, we're strengthened and renewed!! Not to mention meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends from previous camps, the fun and fellowship :)

    I see I made the post ;)

    1. You sure did! Yes, great experience indeed. Thank you for a job well done :)

    2. :) Likewise!! It's because we all worked together :)