July 9, 2012


Top: H&M | Cardigan: The Limited | Skirt: JCrew | Shoes: Payless | Crossbody Bag: Forever 21

Dear Readers,

If only blogging (and life while we're at it!) were as easy as denim and flats...

Like most bloggers, I started this blog out of a need to express myself both creatively and spiritually, but I must be honest and say that it hasn't been without challenges. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had the idea for about six months before I officially launched the site because I was really nervous about it. Developing the courage to start was only the first hurdle. Developing the courage to stay inspired and stick with it in spite of obstacles along the way is an ongoing process. From the beginning, though, I've gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback from you all, and that's what encourages me to continue. I just want to say thanks for riding with me on this journey... We still have a long way to go!



  1. You make "easy" look amazing! Love the beauty and simplicity of post today.. the scripture was timely and enlightening!