July 18, 2012

Follow the Leader

The photo above is really the best outfit photo from this batch...
...because shortly after, our "set" was overtaken...
...by a family of ducks!! All together now, "Awwwww!"
Dress: BCBG | Cami: The Limited | Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Ross | Clutch: Thrifted (100% Leather) via Plato's Closet

They were very friendly (or hungry or overly fond of taking pictures, one of the three) because they followed us wherever we went. They must have believed we had something special to offer them. It's too bad we didn't, but now we know to take snacks to share the next time we go to this spot. They surely made taking photos a lot more fun.


  1. so adorable! they must have loved your dress!!

  2. Oh how cute!! Yes next time please feed the models ;)

  3. Omg!! I love your reaction to the baby ducks!! Love the colors here :)