March 27, 2013

Giveaway // Sole Society

Yes, you read it right... This week's giveaway is SHOES! You can actually thank my mom for this. Today is her birthday, and she is THE most giving person on the planet (no exaggeration). If you know my mom at all, more than likely she's given you something before just out of sheer kindness. So what better way to celebrate her birthday on the blog than to bless one of my lovely readers with a pair of shoes from Sole Society?? (See how I styled Sole Society shoes here and here.)

Before I get to the details of the giveaway, no birthday post for my mom would be complete without an embarrassing Mommy-Daughter photo. So... here goes:

(Photo taken from my Instagram @TyphanieStewart)

I don't look all that excited, but wasn't my mom fab??

**Cue sappy-overly-dramatic-monologue music**

Mommy, I tell you all the time how much I appreciate all that you do for me, but I don't tell you enough how much I love you and appreciate who you have been in my life. From as far back as I can remember, you've made countless sacrifices to make sure I had everything (and more) to succeed, and nothing has changed. You are my superwoman (no, really, I truly believe you are indestructible), and I am blessed to have you as my mom! Happy birthday! Don't enjoy it too much because you have at least 100 more to go!

Now, for my lovely readers who have patiently read through the mushy-mommy stuff, here are the Sole Society giveaway requirements:

1. Follow My Garments of Praise on GFC (by clicking the "Join this site" button within the right sidebar) AND Bloglovin' (by clicking HERE).
2. Visit the Sole Society website by clicking HERE, and sign up for an account. (It's quick and painless, I promise)
3. Leave a comment below letting me know your favorite pair of Sole Society shoes!

Note: You must complete all three requirements in order to be eligible to win. If you've already completed the first two, great! You are well on your way to eligibility. The winner of this giveaway will receive one (1) pair of shoes from the Sole Society of her choice of an equal or lesser value of $49.95 not including tax. Only one entry per reader.

Giveaway ends on Tuesday, April 2nd at midnight (EST). Winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 3rd. All the best!


  1. First off let me begin by wishing my castle ball buddy and fellow unit member ( whoop whoop 216) a happy birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sis. Thomas

    platform wedge
    Luggage Crema Buttercup

    These are the perfect color!!

  2. Happy birthday to your mom!

    Kirby pointed toe flat
    Sand Dusty Rose

  3. Happy birthday mom!! Wow I'm gt tear-y eyes just reading your love post to your mom!! I'm so glad both of you are tight!

    GFC follower : babalisme bloglovin : babalisme
    Sign up using : babalisme at yahoo dot com

    Pair I love the most:

  4. I knew it!!! I just knew that the shoe giveaway :)

    I did the first 2 already. And I got ma first sole society shoes during the sale!!!!! :). So if/when I win my next favorite pair is: .. Kaitlyn (cut out punp) Size 8 color red! :)

    Happy Birthday Typhanie's Mom!!!!!!!!!!! Hope u ave a great day today.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mommy!:) This is a sweet post..
    Giveaway Info: Karissa ♥ - platform sandal
    Color: Canyon Brown

  6. Happy Birthday to your mother!!

    i'm loving the colorblocking shoes so my fav right now would be

    T-strap heel
    Black Crystal Blue

    following through - fancyfoxx2002(yahoo)

  7. Happy birthday to your lovely mother!!!!! :)

    My favorite shoes are Grace, in apple red luggage!

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  8. Aww you Mom sounds like a sweet person! I personally just want to wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    My favorite shoe is the Jasmine wedge in Burnt Orange :) The color is sooo beautiful!

  9. AAWWWW...such a nice tribute to mom. Happy Birthday Christine!!!!
    YESSSSSS a shoe give it :-). Ok so my fav is.....
    Leah platform pump
    Size 8.5

  10. Well you know I'm a shoe, seriously, I have a problem....

    I was already a follower here...signed up for bloglovin and sole society through Facebook.

    Asking someone to pick one favorite shoe is TORTURE!!!! lol. But I have never ordered shoes online so I have to say I'm a little skeptical.

    One of the ones I like is Stella, in Adobe Black.

    Happy B-day Sis. Thomas...thanks for the giveaway Typh...

  11. Happy Birthday to your mom!!!
    I follow via gfc and bloglovin! (brittany k)
    I signed up under the email: yellowdemon91 at hotmail dot com
    I love the addy shoes in yellow!

  12. I love the the Callie flat. It will go great with some color blocking outfits.

  13. Hey. I love the Penelope criss cross sandals in brown. Happy Bday to your Mom and thxs for giveaway!!

  14. Happy birthday to your mom! May god continue to bless her! Greatly and my best wishes in her special day!
    I loved the Zoey in rosé gold or the Stephanie in blush. They would be great with my prom dress.

  15. Happy blessed biirthday to your Typhanie! I am sooo excited about this give-away :). I joined GFC (following privately-Francesca) and am following on Bloglovin'. I love EDIE
    jewel flat in black & white.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom :)

    I completed the first two steps and i'm loving sole society! The Hillary cap toe wedge caught my eye because it looks like a comfy pair for work :)

  17. yayy love the leopard print wegdes.. they are to die for

  18. I am really having a difficult time deciding.... LOL! Can I pick a pair for you and hope I win? :)

  19. I've had the Kelly in my closet (wish list) for a while. I pray I win
    K at

  20. STLYE: Marigold COLOUR:Excalibur......simple & cute. That's my style. Thnx for the giveaway. Keeping fingers crossed that I'm a winner ;-)

  21. I love the Kelly pointed-toe wedge heel in Leopaed color. They are fabulous. Thank you mommy for initiating the giveaway. Lord your will be done.

  22. All my faves didn't have my size! :( It's okay. I will appreciate my first ever sole society purchase no matter what!
    Shoe name: Kami
    Shoe color: Black
    Size: 10
    Thank you Typhanie, I love your blog. The fashion mixed with modesty is amazing! Such a breath of fresh air. P.S. - Happy Belated to your mom!

  23. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom! Cute picture.

    Oh my! I sure do need more shoes....not really. Haha.

    Tami flats is my choice :)

  24. My choice is:
    Style: Emma
    Color: Luggage Crema Buttercup
    Size: 9 ( I think lol) or maybe 8.5 :-)

    Hope your mom enjoyed her birthday! ;)

  25. My fave is the Arianna in crema black and in beach tan neon pink!