March 7, 2013

Is to Come

Dress: Forever 21 | Jacket: Guess | Shoes: Mossimo for Target | Bag: Ecko Red via Ross

I figured while half of the country is experiencing cold, windy, rainy, snowy weather, I'd post photos that will keep us looking forward to wearing spring maxi dresses. I'm doing this for me as well. It's been quite cold in Florida all week too, so a reminder that warmer weather is to come is much needed.

Revelation 1:8

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  1. We got a lot of snow in the DC-NoVA area on Wednesday, but the day before and today the sun has been shinning. And I can't believe we're supposed to spring forward this coming weekend already!

    So looking ahead at warmer days, I'm singing the hymn "O there’s sunshine, blessed sunshine, while the peaceful, happy moments roll; when Jesus shows His smiling face there is sunshine in my soul." ^_^

  2. Lovely dress and sandals and I appreciate today's scriptures. I am always wanting to know what's next. Thanks for the reminder that it's not for me to know but to rest in the knowledge that God is the Alpha and Omega!

  3. Love the outfit!!!

    I must say, while I feel for my northern family and friends during this winter season, I'm enjoying the "cold" Florida weather! We get to save on energy costs a little bit this time of year ;)